Cambridge Diary

A Cambridge Diary began in 2010 as a personal project by photographer Martin Bond who wanted to capture the normal goings-on in his home city of Cambridge. His motivation was that there seemed to be very little recording of everyday moments in the lives of ordinary people in Cambridge, perhaps because there has always been so much else to be admired and photographed in this beautiful city. He decided to take a picture of everyday life, every day and post his photographs on a page he hastily created on Facebook and expected no one to take much notice. Over the years however as his creative style has developed, so has his following, and whilst his pictures do include both ‘town and gown’ he avoids the established hackneyed imagery in a move to try to change the way that people see Cambridge.

After thirteen years of continuous daily pictures and over 5,000 photographs he recently concluded the project which showcased the city’s mundane and extraordinary moments – his pictures are widely acknowledged for celebrating and challenging the city’s timeless beauty with candid realities of everyday life.

The images in this unique collection have appeared on the front pages of numerous magazines, national newspapers and even on BBC’s ‘Have I Got News For You’.

Martin’s collection of Fine Art Giclée Prints, Postcards and Greetings Cards are available exclusively at Cambridge Contemporary Art on Trinity Street, Cambridge.


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